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    Most people understand why self-defense is important. It’s one of those things that you hope you never have to use but if you do you’ll be glad it’s there. Especially when it comes to women’s self-defense. However, there is a huge problem when it comes to self-defense designed for women and if you’re not careful about the type of system you invest in, you could actually be putting yourself in more danger than less.

    There is a lot of things that I need to make very clear regarding huge misconceptions when it comes to women’s self-defense. I’ve been a certified instructor for many years (no, i’m not going to try to “sell” you my system…I’m not even going to talk about it) and one thing I’ve noticed over my career is that there are 3 main problems with your typical “women’s self-defense” courses.

    The first, is that they give average women too much credit. What I mean is that some systems will be teaching you kickboxing techniques or watered-down Karate which, let’s face it, an average 130 lbs woman who took 6 weeks of kickboxing is NOT going to defeat a 250lbs man with punches and kicks. It’s just not going to happen. It’s a lot harder to knock someone out than you think, especially without years of practice and developed skills.

    The second is the courses that give women too little credit. These are usually the class that teaches you things like eye-gouging and groin shots. Ridiculous things like “hold your keys between your fingers.” Don’t EVER do that! The only thing you’re going to do is rip your fingers apart and possibly break a few. I’m serious. Put your keys between your fingers and imagine punching even something as soft as a couch cushion as hard as you can. Now, imagine punching something as hard as a skull. It’s going to hurt you a lot worse than him.

    What about eye-gouges? That sounds painful right? Well, yeah but what if your opponent has something as simple as longer arms than you? Good luck getting close enough to scratch his eyes out without catching a nice hard blow to the face. The risk of causing more damage to yourself far outweighs the possibility of incapacitating your attacker. Like the photo above…his arms wouldn’t be there! they would be crushing your esophagus or one would have a handful of your hair and the other would be repeatedly smashing into your nose. It’s a vicious fight. Not a scripted Van Damme movie.

    The third problem is that most of these typical courses don’t even understand that they are teaching defense techniques involving scenarios that almost never exist in a real life assault between a man and a woman! The nature of conflict is insanely different than a physical conflict between two men.

    Allow me to explain: When a man attacks another man it’s usually for only a few reasons. To be a tough-guy in front of his friends, because some argument or disagreement happened, or maybe in some form of robbery. When a man attacks a woman it’s far more dangerous. Other than abusive significant others, the typical reason a man attacks a woman is for her money, her body, or her life!! The stakes are far greater for a woman being attacked than a man.

    I’m not affiliated with them in anyway, shape, or form. I’m not getting paid to say this and they don’t even know I’m saying this (I mean…they created the UFC…they don’t need my help) but if you want a REAL women’s self-defense course check out the Women Empowered course offered by The Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy. They even have DVD and online courses.

    Another step that you can take is to carry a weapon. If used properly, things like Mace can definitely stop an opponent in their tracks. Just the sound of a high voltage stun gun can stop an attack before it even starts. Not to mention, a woman that even shows intent to fight back automatically increases her odds by 50%. That’s huge! A cowardly SOB that stoops low enough to attack a woman doesn’t want a fight. He’s looking for a beatdown. He wants to dominate an easy target. Show him you’re not an easy target and you’re willing and able to whoop some ass and he’s far more likely to back off.

    If the thought of carrying a weapon isn’t comfortable for you there are many other options like personal alarms that are a great deterrent. Your attacker doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves in any way and sometimes under extreme stress you may not be able to scream for help or fight back. You may become frozen like a Deer in headlights or feel like you’re in one of those nightmares where you’re trying to scream but nothing comes out. In that case just simply push the button or pull the pin and a super high-decibel alarm will send him running.

    It’s very important for women to understand these things. It could literally be the difference between life and death. It’s also important not to get wrapped up in “self-optimism bias” or in other words the “it won’t happen to me” type of thinking. I’m not saying to get all paranoid and start thinking that every stranger you see is a potential attacker but just get some tools. Whether it’s a good self-defense system, a Taser, or a combination of both. Be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to go when it’s go-time!

  • It Happened To Me.

    Today I'm going to tell a story. This happened to me and a couple of my friends back in my early twenties, before kids, back when life was fun and full of adventure! lol Seriously though. Myself and my friends Keith and Chris went out for some drinks at a bar down in Covington KY, which is where they were living at the time. Just across the Ohio River...You know...Where the Moth Man made that bridge collapse! (Technically that was the bridge between Ohio and West Virginia but whatever)

    Anyway, after we'd had our fill of drinks and music, which involved me getting up on stage at some point, we started walking back to their apartment which was only about 3 blocks away. Maybe a 15 minute walk. As we were walking down a side street with cars parked all along both sides, we hear somebody shouting from behind us so we turn around and see this huge guy running up the road towards us and he didn't look happy.

    As he approached us he looked at me and said "It wasn't you." looked at Keith "It wasn't you." looked at Chris, "It was YOU!! YOU THINK YOU'RE FUNNY M***F**er?!!" and he grabbed Chris by his shirt then he lifted, what I believe to be, a metal horseshoe stake above his head, prepared to smash my friend's face in. And he was big! Covered in jailhouse tattoos. To make matters worse, Chris is a really small guy. About 5' tall and really skinny. I don't know if he's ever been in a fight past the age of 13 or something.

    We were all confused and were asking the guy wtf was going on? He started saying something about how Chris had either broken into his car or vandalized his car or something like that which was ridiculous because, not only are we not the kind of people that do things like that, but Chris was with us all night.

    Trying to avoid the assault we began explaining to this guy that we've been in the bar for the past several hours and he can even come ask the bouncers because we were just talking to them for a few minutes before we left AND I was on stage for a little while and had talked to several of the other patrons that could vouch for us.....He didn't care! He was convinced that my friend damaged his car and was about to crack his skull open.

    It was right as he was about to swing that I remembered I bought a can of pepper spray from an Army/Navy Surplus Store about a week prior just on a whim. I pulled it out of it's keychain holster thing, jumped in between them, grabbed the arm with the pipe in it, and sprayed him directly in the eyes. He didn't even see it coming. I also sprayed my friend Chris a little bit in the process because of the wind which is hilarious so you'll want to pay mind to things like that.

    He immediately let go of my friend and started clawing at his face. After about 5 seconds he actually dropped the pipe and ripped his shirt off and began using it to try and wipe the pepper spray away, coughing like mad, and screaming at me for spraying him. Then we ran. Conflict over just as quickly as it started but it could've ended a lot worse!

    The reason I'm telling you this story is to point out that things like this can happen at any time to anyone. It's not just the woman out jogging by herself. We were THREE GUYS walking home late at night and were still attacked due to a case of mistaken identity. This guy had obviously been in and out of jail and was no stranger to violence. If I hadn't been carrying that pepper spray, my friend might be dead. Matter of fact I do have a friend that's dead because of a random altercation with a homeless man that had a huge kitchen knife.

    It doesn't matter who you are. How big you are or how bad you are. There's always someone bigger and badder and you never know when or where they're going to come from. People always talk about CCWs which I support but shooting someone is not always the answer...In fact I'd say 99% of the time it's not. People make poor choices, people act irrationally sometimes...That doesn't mean they deserve to die.

    If I had a gun on me instead of pepper spray that night there might have been a horribly different turn of events. If brandishing my weapon and telling him to drop the pipe and go the fuck home didn't stop him from possibly murdering my friend I would've shot him. That didn't happen and I'm glad it didn't. You don't have to kill someone to protect yourself. Non-Lethal Self Defense products work. I've seen it first hand. #truestory

  • Taser vs Stun Gun. What's Right for You?

    taservsstungunTasers and Stun Guns are terms that are used interchangeably between the two relative personal defense devices. It's understandable as they are used for similar reasons and operate pretty much the same way. They are both handheld devices that use electric shock to disable or detour an attacker. However, there are major differences between the two and Pros & Cons for each.  So where do we start?

    We know how there similar but what are the differences?

    Taser is actually a brand name. They are a company that provides electric shock devices for self-defense but their name gets used to describe any self-defense shock device. Kinda like how Band-Aid gets used to describe any adhesive medical strip. So all Tasers are stun guns but not all stun guns are Tasers.

    Another major difference is that Tasers typically shoot prongs out of a handheld device that are connected by wires over which the current flows while stun guns are self-contained handheld devices that do not shot anything out of them.

    So on with the Pros and Cons!

    Taser Pros:

    • Tasers can be effectively used from a distance. Most Tasers have a range of up to 10 meters which allows you to maintain a safe distance while defending yourself against someone who may be wielding a weapon such as a knife of club.
    • Studies show that Tasers are effective at stop attacks with a low risk of causing serious injury or death.
    • Tasers are not considered to be a firearm as they use compressed nitrogen as a propellant and not gunpowder. They are legal to own and carry in many states in the US without a permit and are sold on the open market.
    • They can be much more intimidating to an assailant due to their "gun-like" appearance and reputation.

    Taser Cons:

    • There have been deaths associated with the use of Tasers, although almost all of these cases have been due to misuse of the device and not the device itself.
    • The price of a Taser is dramatically more expensive than stun guns that carry the same amount of voltage and amperage.
    • One shot. While Tasers Devices can be used over and over again, Their cartridges themselves are only one shot and if  you miss that one shot or the pins don't anchor effectively into the subject it then becomes a hand-held stun gun just like any other.

    Stun Guns Pros:

    • There have only been a small handful of deaths related to handheld stun guns. Much fewer than Tasers
    • The Price of stun guns is very affordable. Most are around $50 or less.
    • You don't have to worry about aiming and missing.
    • They can be much smaller devices that are more easily concealed.
    • Can be used during a struggle that is already taking place.

    Stun Gun Cons:

    • They are a handheld device only. In order for you to stun an attacker you have to be very close to them. At least within arms length.
    • Because of the statement above, there is a risk of dropping them during the struggle. While a number of stun guns are equipped with a wrist strap that has a disable pin so if it does get taken away it will not be usable until the pin is returned to the slot in the device.
    • While still very effective, they are not as effective as a Taser due to the prongs of a taser actually penetrating the body and delivering the shock to the subject internally as opposed to outside of the body.

    So as you can see there are various situations and circumstances where both have benefits and drawbacks. The only way to determine what you need is to educate yourself and figure out in what way you'll be using the device, which one you can operate more effectively, and the laws in your state regarding each.

    Hopefully this helped shed some light on the differences and similarities, pros and cons of each and gave you some insight into which product would be best for you. We do offer both Tasers and Stun Guns at Raven Home Defense and you can find specific information to each in the product descriptions. Have a great day and Stay Safe out there!!

  • Act Now. Live Later.

    The problem with self-defense products is that people tend to buy “after the fact”. A lot of the time it takes someone getting attacked or a loved one getting attacked for them to realize how important it is to have the means necessary to defend themselves.

    This is esspecially a growing problem for women on college campuses. The Department of Justice reports that one in four women will be a victim of sexual assault in their lifetime. Narrow that demographic down a little and it’s women between the ages of 18 and 24, narrow it down even more, and it’s women between the ages of 18 and 24 entering their freshman year of college.  ONE IN FOUR!! That statistic is very troubling.

    There is another DoP statistic that needs to be addressed as well. When it comes to women being assaulted, if she is taken from one location to another by her attacker, there is a 94% chance she is never coming back! If that happens, there is no “after the fact” realization of needing to protect yourself. These attacks are real and their rate is growing. However, there are steps that can be taken to increase your odds of survival and prevention.

    Studies show that if she even shows intent to fight back it automatically increases her odds by 50%!…right off the bat (speaking of bats). Have you ever heard the sound of a stun gun? It’s terrifying! Have you ever felt a stun gun? even WORSE!!

    Another problem people face is relying completely on their weapon of choice to defend them. They throw it in their bag or purse and expect it to keep them safe. Yes, they are simple to operate but you still need to practice with them. Practice retrieving it quickly, get used to how it feels in your hand, practice retrieving it when someone is attacking you. You would be very surprised at just how quickly the simplest of tasks become under extreme duress.

    That’s my favorite thing about our Trigger stun guns. Not only are they extremely affordable but they boast 18 MILLION volts but they have just one large trigger so they’re easy to operate while under attack. The other great thing about them is their disabling pin.

    Although they have a rubberized grip for tight control that helps prevent it from slipping out of your hand, in a fight it still may…that’s why the wrist-strap has a disabling pin attached to it. If, by chance, you do drop it, it gets ripped out of your hand, etc, the stun gun will not be able to be activated until the disabling pin is put back in place. Much like electronic tredmills and the like.

    So my final point is. Don’t ever wait until it’s too late to take action. $20.00 could save your life or the life of someone you care about.

  • Why you need Home Protection!

    It doesn't matter what your political standpoint is. One thing we can all agree on is that the current climate in America these days is not good! Tensions are at an all time high, people are divided, people are scared, they're angry, and as we've seen recently in the news...they've been getting violent! That is why, now more than ever, Home Protection  is a necessity.

    The need to make sure your home is protected against desperate, angry, people has never been greater. Whether it's an entire home security system or something as simple and effective as door and window alarms, there are easy and affordable steps you can take to make your home feel safe and  get you sleeping peacefully.

    Raven Home Defense offers a wide array of home defense options:

    • motion sensors
    • outdoor sirens
    • alarm systems
    • pool alarms
    • voice alert systems
    • even a barking dog alarm!

    Keep in mind, there are 3 factors that must be present for a crime to take place.  The criminal, the victim, and opportunity! By securing your home it removes the opportunity for a crime to take place from the start. It removes the possibility of theft or injury to you or your loved ones or worse. A home security system may also be the thing that stands between you and being forced to defend your second amendment rights. Although it may be 100% necessary at times...No one wants to do that.  I know people that have had to do that and believe me, it's an awful experience all the way around.

    Protect your home. Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones.


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